What do we produce?

Furniture components for a well-known Swedish company.

We analyze

Thanks to new systems, we analyze and evaluate production processes

We are modernizing

We are adapting to progress, constantly implementing innovative technologies

We optimize processes

We are replacing inefficient, complicated technological procedures with new technologies

We care about safety

By introducing modern technologies, we increase the safety of employees

How we do it?

At the input of the whole process there are large-format MDF boards.
These gradually pass through the workplaces where individual operations are performed.

1. Sawing

The powerful automated saw uses cutting plans to divide the boards, which the operator chooses according to the production plan. The automatic stacker ensures the handling of material in the sawmill area so that the operator is not burdened by great physical exertion.

2. Milling

CNC milling machines are used to machine shaped profiles from sawn MDF boards. The CNC milling machine is operated by automatic manipulators.

3. Drilling

High-capacity automatic drilling machines, which are operated by robotic loaders, drill milled furniture parts with high precision. More complex narrow and long parts are machined by a machine that can drill holes from six sides in one cycle.

4. Grinding

An automated system for feeding and storing products increases the efficiency of the workplace. These Innovative Technologies ensure that only one operator is sufficient to operate the workplace and all parts are machined in high quality.

5. Varnishing

After milling, drilling and grinding the edges and surfaces, we paint with harmless water-soluble paints without harmful emissions.

6. Packaging

We precisely pack the finished pallets with stored components on an automatic packaging line and thus protect them from possible damage during handling or transport.

7. Expedition


80% of the machinery is computer controlled, most of which is from HOMAG GROUP and its subsidiaries. The main supplier of the machines is the company EXCELLENT CD, which also provides us service services.

The results speak for us

Výsledky hovoria za nás
Vyrobených komponentov mesačne
Manufactured component per month
Výrobnej plochy
Production area
Zamestnancov LUKAMASIV
Employees of LUKAMASIV
Ročné skúsenosti a bohatá prax
Years of experiences and rich experience

We recycle

A by-product of our production are wood cuttings and sawdust, which we further secondary process into full-value fuel with high calorific value.