We operate serial production


Working employees


Manufacturing operations


Modern workplaces


Components per month

What do we produce? 

Furniture components for a well-known Swedish company..

We analyze

Thanks to new systems, we analyze and evaluate production processes

We are modernizing

We are adapting to progress, constantly implementing innovative technologies

We optimize processes

We are replacing inefficient, complicated technological procedures with new technologies

We care about safety

By introducing modern technologies, we increase the safety of employees

 How we do it ?

At the input of the whole process there are large-format MDF boards. These gradually pass through the workplaces where individual operations are performed.

80% of the machinery is computer controlled, most of which is from HOMAG GROUP and its subsidiaries. The main supplier of the machines is the company EXCELLENT CD, which also provides us service services.

We recycle

A by-product of our production are wood cuttings and sawdust, which we further secondary process into full-value fuel with high calorific value.