A company with 20 years of experience.  We do not stand in one place, dynamic development is our priority.
  • 1997

    It started with solid wood furniture

    The company started with one employee in 1997. Over the next period, the number of employees gradually increased. In 1999, production stabilized and focused on solid wood bedroom furniture with sales in the retail network in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

  • 2001

    Extension of production assortment

    In 2001, we expanded our product range with additional furniture components, which we began to supply for a well-known sweden company and its production plants.

  • 2008/2013

    During the Crisis, we managed to GROW

    Paradoxically, we have had success in times of crisis. We grew by 30 - 70% a year, thanks to our orientation to the markets of the Czech Republic and Sweden. We have built the product range on MDF furniture parts for a well-known sweden company. We have earmarked small investments in more modern machines and technologies. While in 2006-2008 we shipped one truck in two weeks, in 2013 it was already five trucks a week.

  • 2014

    Establishment of LUKAMASIV S.R.O

    We founded the company LUKAMASIV s.r.o in 2014 as a change in the trade of its founder Ľubomír Očenáš and his wife Katarína Očenášová

  • 2014

    Emphasis on increasing efficiency and quality

    During this period, we saw a lot of pressure to reduce the price and thus we lost a large part of the margin. It was necessary for us to look for savings within the company. Through various analyzes, we looked for errors in production management or in the ability to plan activities so that human and technological resources can be used as efficiently as possible while maintaining maximum quality.

  • 2015/2017

    Optimization of processes was key

    In cooperation with IPA Slovakia, which is a consulting company in the field of optimization and streamlining the processes of manufacturing companies and also thanks to visits to many foreign and domestic companies, we managed to reorganize technologies and workplaces again and thus increase sustainable productivity and quality for our partners.

  • 2017/2018

    We are expanding the premises again

    By increasing the volume of orders, we grew significantly, but our premises were not sufficient for the further development of the company. From the original production area of 2,500 m2, after the purchase of new land and premises in 2016, the production area grew to the current 6,000 m2.

  • 2018

    Automation and robotization of production processes

    Years of streamlining and improving production processes have moved us significantly forward. We introduce CNC robotic workplaces, robotic painting and improve working conditions. We are dedicated to more efficient waste management, we are preparing secondary material recovery for the production of solid fuels.

  • 2021

    Current performance

    We are implementing a new high-performance fully automated CNC line for narrow parts and we are continuing to implement further innovations. We have launched a training and development center, we continue to improve working conditions.


  • Opening Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 8-15


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